Best online rate guarantee

If you book your accommodation directly from the Marvie Hotel website or our booking centre, we guarantee the best online price.

If you find a lower online price from the one posted on our web site, for the same accommodation, the same type of accommodation, the same dates and the same service, no later than 24 hours after booking through our web site, and after checking all the information, we will offer you the lower price that you found with another 7% discount.

To request the best online price, send us an email at

Terms and Conditions

  1. The price must refer to the same hotel, the same type of accommodation unit and type of bed, the same period of stay, the same service, the same number of guests and currency. The guarantee shall not apply to non-transparent websites or to any of their affiliates or similar websites.
  2. The guarantee shall also not apply to online bookings through other websites that do not specify or confirm the name of the hotel / property during the booking process.
  3. The guarantee shall apply to the final price for the total period of stay, including any fees for services, taxes or other charges.
  4. The guarantee shall apply to the total price of the full period of stay and not to the price of one or several days included in that period of stay.
  5. The guarantee will not apply when prices deviate by the decimal amount resulting from the rounding of prices.
  6. Refund claims based on the warranty must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of the original booking.