Aqua Med Medical Wellness

Aqua Med ® Medical Wellness was founded by Danijela Rašić, M.D., in 2012. Based on her rich experience in running wellness centres in high-class hotels throughout Croatia and a 20-year vision of health tourism, in 2017 she opened Aqua Med ® Medical Wellness in Marvie Hotel & Health, which also includes the Polyclinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The professional interdisciplinary team consists of physiatrists and acupuncturists, nutritionists, senior physiotherapists, masseuses, beauticians and pedicurists. Aqua Med ® Medical Wellness offers its clients a wide range of services - from physiatrist examinations and physical therapy, hydrotherapy treatments, acupuncture, nutrition counselling and individual or group physiotherapy training to massages and various cosmetic treatments.

A modern hotel by the sea will provide you with an unforgettable stay. Here is where comfort meets elegance and health comes first.